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Exotic island holidays to Bali

Exotic island holidays to Bali

When thinking about the ultimate island destination, Bali holidays leap to mind. The island of Bali is so fascinating with all of the excitement and wonder as well as an endless list of things to do and the wildlife that thrives in the tropical setting. Regardless of whether you are traveling with your family, children, or lover, Bali holidays can provide all you desire and then some.

Bali holidays are filled with warm sunny days with temperatures averaging between 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit. During winter months the rain moves in mostly at night and delivers a plentiful watering but still the climate remains at this steady and delightful pace. This makes it perfect for year round holidays.

The scenery is so unique that Bali holidays are truly set apart for other island retreats. As far as natural wonders go Bali is home to active and impressive volcanoes that are amazingly majestic. The island itself has everything you could ever want to see all in one place. The white rapids of the rivers that flow inland, sacred caves, and exotic animals are only the beginning. There are a wealth of tours by land, sea and air to facilitate your sight seeing needs which are all very affordable.

If you thought that Bali holidays are going to be the same old song and dance, think again! Here are a few of the things that can excite and inspire you on your Bali holidays: Submarine, marine and wildlife safaris- day, dinner and island cruises- white water rafting, ATV and buggy tours, visit the zoo, play around at the water park, test your skills in paintball war games, Bungy jumping, get your adrenalin going by paragliding, or take part in any of the normal vacation activities like: golf, diving, snorkeling, tennis and more.

The Ritz Carlton is an excellent choice for your Bali holidays. They have a currency exchange right there at the hotel to make your life easier. The amazing accommodations are superb for your fantasy paradise including a secluded cove, private pools, and more.

Accommodations at Oberoi will definitely make you stand up and take notice. Guests can benefit from their own private pools and choose which setting they would like their villa to have a view of. The visual options include the lush tropical gardens filled with fragrant blossoms or the enchanting deep blue sea. Bali holidays can’t get much better than this!

The Legian offers cottages and hotel rooms; both have service and quality that are superior. Parents can count on exciting and romantic Bali holidays by taking advantage of the trustworthy trained child care providers that they have available. Each villa has their own private pool amidst an aromatic array of blossoms and blooms.

When the sun sets on your Bali holidays and you are relaxing or taking a walk on the beach under the romantic moonlight you might find that around midnight Bali is reborn and comes alive! The nightlife in tropical haven is intense! From dancing to live music of all variety, karaoke, disco, and even cultural ceremonies, all are summoning you to join the fun.

Everyone has their reasons for wanting exotic, luxury Bali holidays. Whether it is to rekindle a love, spend time making wonderful memories with your family or traveling with a group Bali holidays are some of the most exhilarating and thrilling vacations of your life!

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