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Exotic island holidays to Bali

Exotic island holidays to Bali

When thinking about the ultimate island destination, Bali holidays leap to mind. The island of Bali is so fascinating with all of the excitement and wonder as well as an endless list of things to do and the wildlife that thrives in the tropical setting. Regardless of whether you are traveling with your family, children, or lover, Bali holidays can provide all you desire and then some.

Bali holidays are filled with warm sunny days with temperatures averaging between 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit. During winter months the rain moves in mostly at night and delivers a plentiful watering but still the climate remains at this steady and delightful pace. This makes it perfect for year round holidays.

The panoramic vistas of the tropical landscape are gorgeous but there is so much more to this island habitat. The scenery includes: white water rapids flowing rivers through Bali, active volcanoes, historic temples and palaces, lush tropical forests, unique wildlife, and so much more. Bali holidays are memorable in so many ways.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Bali holidays are going to be just another beach destination. There is such a vast array of things to do that you’ll have a hard time getting to everything in only a week. Here are a few of the affordable excursions waiting for you to try out: visit the zoo, enjoy submarine, marine and wildlife safaris, play around at the water parks, be swept away on day, dinner or island cruises, go bungy jumping or even play paintball war games and test your skills in strategy. The sky is the limit on Bali holidays!

The Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay has stunning accommodations. The bay is a thick tropical paradise and the villas are over looking the tranquil beach. Luxury holidays spent at this retreat won’t disappoint. The highly trained staff provide impeccable service to their guests.

Accommodations at Oberoi will definitely make you stand up and take notice. Guests can benefit from their own private pools and choose which setting they would like their villa to have a view of. The visual options include the lush tropical gardens filled with fragrant blossoms or the enchanting deep blue sea. Bali holidays can’t get much better than this!

The Legian offers a wonderful babysitting service for parents so they can experience some quality time in a romantic and relaxing way. The children are treated like royalty as they enjoy their own tropical paradise holiday. Bali holidays at this hotel are very inviting.

The nightlife in Bali is extraordinary. If you love to party hard at night and travel the exotic scene then there is no place you’d rather spend your holidays. The culture is very different so you can find karaoke, disco and dance clubs, body painting parties, singles bars, pubs with live music that can often times be culturally significant and of course other places offer jazz, reggae and rock.

Everyone has their reasons for wanting exotic, luxury Bali holidays. Whether it is to rekindle a love, spend time making wonderful memories with your family or traveling with a group Bali holidays are some of the most exhilarating and thrilling vacations of your life!
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