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Then another reason which make me so in love of Lombok is about their romantic folklore Putri Nyale or Putri Mandalika [Princess Mandalika] which this story 'sending' me back into my childhood memory when my parents reading a book "Putri Mandalika" in my bedtime. A tale about a beautiful princess who loved by many many guys. And she decided not to take one of them to avoid a battle among them. If the King [her father] asking to whom she's fallin' in love, she prefer go to the beach and whenever King calling her name she always says, "Ku ta" [ku means I'm and ta means here]. When several princes pushed her to make a decision, she's runaway to the beach also saying to her father "Ku ta". Then the beach where she's runaway named 'Pantai Kuta' [it's not Pantai Kuta or Kuta Beach in Bali, by the way]. She jumps from the beach and changed into a small worm called 'nyale'. Year by year this nyale becomes thousands colorful sea-worms and locals along the Kuta Beach in Lombok take them for delicious food.
Every February 19th [oh, pretty close to westerner's Valentine on February 14th!!!], the locals of Kuta Beach celebrates this appears of nyale as a part of their tradition. For those who wants to get a partner as soon as possible, they can hang-out in this celebration to find someone there. Pretty romantic isn't it? And the hill in front of the beach named as "The Love Hill".

Last but not least, finding sunset at Lombok is something amazing. After waiting about 3 days, finally I found a clear sunset where God painting the sky with beautiful colors. It's also a romantic moment when colors changing hue. Gold, red, blue, grey, purple and so many.

More presentation on my Mataram page. I was visiting Mataram, Ampenan and Cakranegara. From Senggigi and Kuta beaches, to Cape Aan. From Mayura the Floating Court House, 'till Pura Lingsar [Lingsar Temple]. From Sasak Village 'till trying weaving the traditional kain songket.

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