Thursday, August 7, 2008

Romantic holidays to the beautiful island of Bali

Romantic holidays to the beautiful island of Bali

Bali is known as the ultimate island experience. This one place is world renowned for its diverse activities, scenery, culture and atmosphere. If you are thinking about getting away from it all and seeing an exotic land brimming with passion, pleasure, peace and perfection then Bali is the holiday destination for you.

Regardless of when you are able to travel, Bali holidays are perfect at any time of the year. You don’t have to worry about weather conditions or anything of this nature as Bali remains at a warm 70-90 degrees F. through every season. During the winter storms do come in usually during the night hours and are gone during the days.

As if the tropical vistas of fresh fragrant blossoms and white sandy beaches are not enough to gaze upon, there are endless scenic treasures you can thoroughly enjoy on your Bali holidays. Feast your eyes on white water rapids rushing in the form of fast flowing rivers, old temples and palaces, excitingly active volcanoes, unique wildlife amidst lush rainforests, and much more.

Too many people are unprepared for just how many exciting and enticing elements there are on Bali holidays and find themselves in a quandary about what to do first. This is why there are so many repeat visitors to this exotic island retreat. Of course there are the normal water activities like diving and snorkeling but you can do that anywhere here’s the rare fun that not many vacation destinations offer: safaris and cruises of all sorts, ATV or buggy tours, bungy jumping, escape to a water park, stroll through the zoo, paraglide, go white water rafting, or even hone your skills playing paintball war games at a popular facility.

The Ritz Carlton is one of the most secluded and convenient places to stay. Right at the facility they have currency exchange for the ultimate in expedience. Relax in a private cove, or enjoy fitness workouts and sporting activities while you send the kids off to their very own pool area equipped with fun water slides. Your Bali Holidays are anything you want to make of them.

Accommodations at Oberoi will definitely make you stand up and take notice. Guests can benefit from their own private pools and choose which setting they would like their villa to have a view of. The visual options include the lush tropical gardens filled with fragrant blossoms or the enchanting deep blue sea. Bali holidays can’t get much better than this!

The Legian offers a wonderful babysitting service for parents so they can experience some quality time in a romantic and relaxing way. The children are treated like royalty as they enjoy their own tropical paradise holiday. Bali holidays at this hotel are very inviting.

Bali holidays may appear quiet when the sun goes down but at around midnight this tropical island paradise wakes up and comes alive! There is something for every night owl to enjoy when the darkness falls on Bali. If you love to: dance, sing karaoke, party disco style, go clubbing, listen to live music, be a part of the cultural drama-music or ceremonies then you will experience a fascinating night of fun and magical moments.

So, no matter who you are, who you are traveling with, where you are coming from or what you enjoy doing, Bali holidays can provide you with spectacular settings and a vast array of activities for everyone.


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